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Nursery Appraisal Services
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A proven system of appraisal and valuation for in ground or container nursery stock for estate settlements, horticultural, and tree valuations.  An expert for value assessment in the Nursery Stock Field. Experienced in setting fair and legally defensible values on nursery stock.  Stock lost by accident, Department of Transportation takings, roadside impact and other issues including those damaged by agricultural over spray and weather.  Nursery appraisal valuation services for Financial Institutions to present to the FDIC or Court System are a service I offer with certification of it's certified accuracy.  I have worked with large banks, Farm Credit Services Banking organizations and other clients with success.

Nursery Business Valuation Services
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Using proven methods of business valuations and applying them to the nursery industry is not easy to discern.  The nursery business is inherently a high inventory carry that must be recognized when inventory exists as part of the value that may not be ready for a few years to come.  

This is particularly important for successors if a son or daughter were to take it over the operation or in the unfortunate event of estate or a marriage dissolution settlement.  Avoiding fights in the settlement of an estate years down the road by other heirs with claims will be handled by a competent professional business appraisal. 

We can sell your nursery or greenhouse
Helping you selling your horticultural Business is part of what we do.  Click Here for more information. We operate not as business brokers, but as merger and acquisition advisors.  As M&A advisors we charge for our services and then when successful a success fee is due.  Not a commission.  We have been very successful in this avenue having been instrumental in helping people sell to a new owner.

Legal and Technical Expertise 
​By offering litigation support even to the point of testifying in court to defend or support and appraisal is part of what I do.  When an attorney who is not familiar with the nursery business is faced with such a task, having a knowledgeable capable expert can make all the difference.

Valuation Mediation
Mediation is a specialty I offer in whatever way you desire. There is an hourly charge for this work with a minimum of $1000 to review the data relating to the case but it’s worth what you pay for it. My degrees in both botany and horticulture, post graduate work and decades of experience in commercial horticulture from both production and marketing perspectives make me uniquely qualified to help you settle lawsuits and disagreements.  Add to that experience in business that includes operating as President and CEO of major corporations and its a mix that means you can expect a high level of professionalism.

Orderly Liquidation: As An Auction Alternative --- Auctioning off your nursery stock or not - Analysis 
 Every year hundreds of nurseries have auction sales big and small. The auctioneer sells the nursery stock for pennies on the dollar and takes 15% of the gross sales as commission and expense. The good news, a nursery auction is quick. At the end you get a quick cash check to walk away with far less than you hoped for.  This counts only if you don’t care about money and want to get it settled at once.  In an auction you will leave thousands, perhaps millions of dollars on the table.  But, you are out. It's quick.  It's easy.  It's just not very profitable.  

If  maximizing your return matters to you, let me offer an alternative.  The layered marketing process.  One we do over and over again.  It's an orderly liquidation.

I have a friend who’s nursery I helped liquidate recently. He did it right. In less than 18 months he sold a couple million dollars worth of nursery stock for 75% of market price. He paid a commission to sell what I sold.  He is far better off than he would have been with a simple absolute liquidation auction.  A cost benefit analysis was done and it was determined that in auction he would receive $200,000 for the plant material in the ground as is.   Dug and loaded over a couple years he got almost 2 million.  Patience and a commitment to making it work is what produces these kinds of results.

So if you are one of those who is buried in nursery stock, call me, there is an auction alternative. 

The net result is the same, SOLD!  you just get more money at the end with a layered marketing approach.  And after the whole layered marketing process you can still have an auction to the public for the residual for whatever balance of materials is left.  It works and works well.  It just takes planning.

Contract Growing
We can help your find those who are contract-growers of container nursery stock for others. We do it every year.  You pay front for materials as needed, we grow it out and you pay the balance upon completion. Your net cost can be up to half of what other nurseries will sell your from their inventory. All it takes is foresight.  Have the plants on hand when you need them.  

Nursery Planning
When it comes to substantial  returns on investment,  steady income, a solid moneymaking opportunity  it’s hard to beat the nursery business.  The fee for this consulting is $150 per hour.

As  a Business Opportunity there are few things you can do which offer a higher Quality of Life . Add the tax avoidance benefits of an  agricultural enterprise and I challenge anyone to come up with a better  way to make good money and legally avoid excessive tax burdens.

Of  course it's hard, it’s has risks, it requires substantial knowledge  that is not readily available; although it it is available from  qualified people. And there are CD’s, books and You Tube available to those  who really want to know and understand the enterprise. Of course an experienced expert helps. I am one. If you want to really know what  could be done, the nursery business deserves a hard look. Don’t expect  your future competitors to welcome you in with open arms and give you a  free education. They won’t. If you want to explore the potential of  growing your own in the nursery trade, Call me. I can help you.  If you  want me to do more than just offer a word of encouragement there is a  charge for a deep evaluation.  Inquire and lets talk about it.  Send me  an email to start.


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