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Redlin Nursery Sales

As part of an agreement made in 2017 I am operating as a sales and consultant to Walnut Creek Nursery.  Primarily selling Native Stock.  However Walnut Creek is the fiduciary part of my business.  So as I source or sell stock to you, you will receive and invoice from them and you will write your check to them.

It's a high quality operation.  I am still your contact and can accomplish what you need done.  Still the same guy.  Check out the HUGE EVERGREENS.  8-14'  Pictures below.

Take a look at the inventory.  It's a good selection.  If you see something you like.. call me

Redlin Nursery Sales
Gene Redlin
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St Charles IL 60174
Phone 630-513-5105
Fax 630-513-5127
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