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Spruce and Arborvitae 

Prices on Spruce FOB Delavan WI
(Minimum Order Applies)

  • 5’ $ 90.00 Meyer, Colorado, Black Hills and Norway
  • 6’ $ 110.00 Meyer, Colorado, Black Hills and Norway
  • 7’ $ 140.00 Colorado, Black Hills and Norway
  • 8’ $ 160.00  Colorado, Black Hills and Norway
  • 10-12’ $240.00 Colorado, Black Hills and Norway
Techny Arborvitae FOB Delavan WI

  • 9-10'    $100
  • 10-12'  $140

 White Pine

White Pine - 6-11' Just like in the picture

50 Miles NORTHEAST of the Wisconsin Dells. Decent Soils that holds together well in a ball. FOB NESHKORO WI. If you want 5 or 85 freight is the same ($6-800) or you can pick them up. We don't stock them. THEY ARE NICE and so are the prices.

6' $90
7' $120
8' $140
9' $160
10' $190
11' $210

Meet The Meyer's

Meyer's Blue Spruce (Chinese Blue Spruce)  
Picea meyeri  Available up to 6’ (grows to 40’)
SOFT to the touch like a Black Hill spruce, colors like a Colorado with a soft bluish tint, hardy and drought tolerant. Doesn’t lose its needles. Hardy North Dakota liners the source for these. A beautiful medium growing blue-green spruce with short needles; its shape, color and excellent needle retention make it ideal as an ornamental tree; more disease resistant than Colorado spruce and considered a good replacement. Salt Tolerant (good for roadsides), tolerant of alkaline soils, takes urban pollution well, thrives in inner city environments. Doesn’t like wet feet. Solves lots of problems.

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