Bare Root Plants -- Available Spring and Fall Only 
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 Bare Root Nursery Liners and Seedlings, Tree and Shrub
We only ship in wholesale quantities ONLY.  Please read all terms and conditions and please do not call and request deviation from the stated terms.  We never sell ONE tree or shrub.  Always sold in bundles.  

We confirm based on best available sourcing.  This is a price sheet that offers what we have FOB the nurseries.  Shipping will be calculated as needed. See Terms and conditions posted at the bottom before placing orders.  Nomenclature guide also available at the bottom as well as guarantee. Our minimum order is $150.   Freight minimum is $60 or 20% of total order. Plants are sold in bundles according to size.  No bundles are broken.  See Terms and conditions at the bottom for bundle size:  PRICES ON BARE ROOT BELOW

Acer ginnala Amur Maple12-18" CG  i$1.50
Acer ginnala Amur Maple2-3' 2yr  i$1.80
Acer ginnala Amur Maple3' 3yr  i$2.20
Acer rubrum Red Maple  12-18" CG  n$1.50
Acer saccharinum      Silver Maple     12-18" CG  n$1.50
Acer saccharinumSilver Maple      2-3' 2yr  n$1.80
Acer saccharinumSilver Maple      3' 2yr  n$2.20
Acer sacharum          Northern Sugar Mapl12-18" CG  n$1.50
Amelanchier alnifolia Juneberry Saskatoon12-18" CG  n$1.50
Amelanchier alnifolia Juneberry Saskatoon2-3' tr2yr  n$2.20
Amorpha fruticosa           False Indigo Amorpha12-18" CG  n$1.50
Amorpha fruticosa     False Indigo Amorpha2-3' 1yr  n$1.80
Amorpha fruticosa     False Indigo Amorpha3' 1yr  n$2.20
Aronia melanocarpa   Black Chokeberry12-18" CG  n$1.50
Aronia melanocarpa   Black Chokeberry2-3' 2yr  n$1.80
Betula papyrifia    Paper Birch12-18" CG  n$1.50
Catalpa speciosa              Northern Catalpa12-18" CG  n$1.50
Celastrus scandens    American Bittersweet12-18" CG  n$1.50
Celtis occidentalisHackberry12-18" CG  i$1.50
Celtis occidentalisHackberry2-3' 2yr  n$1.80
Celtis occidentalisHackberry3' 2yrn$2.20
Cornus amomum "obliqua" Silky (Bl Frt) Dogwood12-18" CGn$1.50
Cornus amomum "obliqua" Silky (Bl Frt) Dogwood2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Cornus sericiaRedtwig Dogwood12-18" CGn$1.50
Cornus sericiaRedtwig Dogwood2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Cornus sericiaRedtwig Dogwood3' 2yrn$2.20
Cotoneaster acutifoliaPekin Cotoneaster12-18" CGi$1.50
Cotoneaster acutifoliaPekin Cotoneaster2-3' 2yri$1.80
Crataegus mollisDowny Hawthorne12-18" CGn$1.50
Crataegus mollisDowny Hawthorne2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Crataegus mollisDowny Hawthorne3' 2yrn$2.20
Eleagnus angustifoliaRussian Olive12-18" CGi$1.50
Eleagnus angustifoliaRussian Olive2-3' 2yri$1.80
Eleagnus commutataSilverberry Eleagnus12-18" CGn$1.50
Eleagnus commutataSilverberry Eleagnus2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Eleagnus commutataSilverberry Eleagnus3' 2yrn$2.20
Gleditsia tricanthos InermisThornless Honeylocust12-18" CGn$1.50
Gleditsia tricanthos InermisThornless Honeylocust2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Gymnocladus dioicaKentucky Coffee Tree12-18" CGn$1.50
Gymnocladus dioicaKentucky Coffee Tree2-3' tr2yrn$2.20
Hippophae rhamnoidesSeaberry 12-18" CGi$1.50
Hippophae rhamnoidesSeaberry 2-3' 2yri$1.80
Hippophae rhamnoidesSeaberry 3' 2yri$2.20
Juglans cinereaButternut (White Walnt)12-18" CGn$1.50
Juglans cinereaButternut (White Walnt)2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Juglans nigraBlack Walnut12-18" CGn$1.50
Juglans nigraBlack Walnut2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Juniperus scopulorumRocky Mountain Juniper1-2 8-15"n$1.50
Juniperus scopulorumRocky Mountain Juniper2-2 12-18"n$1.80
Juniperus virginianaEastern Red Cedar1-2 8-15"n$1.50
Juniperus virginianaEastern Red Cedar2-2 12-18"n$1.80
Larix sibiricaSiberian Larch10-24"i$2.10
Larix sibiricaSiberian Larch2-3'i$4.20
Lonicera tartarica Arnolds Red Honeysuckle12-18" CGi$1.50
Lonicera x FreedomFreedom Honeysuckle12-18" CGi$1.50
Malus bacattaSiberian Crab12-18" CGi$1.50
Malus bacattaSiberian Crab2-3' 2yri$1.80
Malus bacattaSiberian Crab3' 2yri$2.20
Malus baccata "Mandshurica"Midwest Crab12-18" CGi$1.50
Malus baccata "Mandshurica"Midwest Crab2-3' 2yri$1.80
Malus baccata "Mandshurica"Midwest Crab3' 2yri$2.20
Malus dolgoDolgo Crabapple12-18" CGi$1.50
Parthenocissus quincefolia Virginia Creeper12-18" CGn$1.50
Picea glauca "Densata"Black Hills Spruce2-2 8-15"n$1.50
Picea pungensColorado Spruce2-2 8-15"n$1.50
Pinus ponderosaPonderosa Pine2-1 8-12"n$1.50
Pinus sylvestrisScotch Pine2-1 8-14"i$1.50
Platanus occidentalisSycamore12-18" CGn$1.50
Platanus occidentalisSycamore2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Populus albaSilver Poplar12-18" CGi$1.50
Populus albaSilver Poplar2-3' c+1yri$1.80
Populus deltoidesNative Cottonwood12-18" CGn$1.50
Populus deltoidesNative Cottonwood2-3' c+1yrn$1.80
Populus deltoidesNative Cottonwood3' c+1yrn$2.20
Populus nigraLombardy Poplar12-18" CGi$1.50
Populus nigraLombardy Poplar2-3' c+1yri$1.80
Populus tremuloidesQuaking Aspen12-18" cgn$1.80
Populus tremuloidesQuaking Aspen2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Populus X  (several vars)Hybrid Poplar12-18" CGi$1.50
Populus X  (several vars)Hybrid Poplar2-3' c+1yri$1.80
Populus X  (several vars)Hybrid Poplar3' c+1yri$2.20
Populus x siouxlandCottonwood Siouxland12-18" CGi$1.50
Populus x siouxlandCottonwood Siouxland2-3' c+1yri$1.80
Populus x siouxlandCottonwood Siouxland3' c+1yri$2.20
Prunus americanaAmerican Plum12-18" CGn$1.50
Prunus americanaAmerican Plum2-3' 1yrn$1.80
Prunus americanaAmerican Plum3' 1yrn$2.20
Prunus armeniacaHardy Apricot12-18" CGi$1.50
Prunus armeniacaHardy Apricot2-3 1yri$1.80
Prunus armeniacaHardy Apricot2-3' 2yri$1.80
Prunus armeniacaHardy Apricot3' 2yri$2.20
Prunus padus purpureaPurple Leaf Mayday tree12-18" CGi$1.50
Prunus padus purpureaPurple Leaf Mayday tree2-3' 2yri$1.80
Prunus pumila BessyiiSand Cherry12-18" CGn$1.50
Prunus serotinaBlack Cherry12-18" CGn$1.50
Prunus serotinaBlack Cherry2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Prunus serotinaBlack Cherry3' 2yrn$2.20
Prunus tomentosaNanking Cherry12-18" CGi$1.50
Prunus tomentosaNannyberry12-18" CGn$1.50
Prunus tomentosaNanking Cherry2-3' 2yri$1.80
Prunus virginianaChokecherry12-18" CGn$1.50
Prunus virginianaChokecherry2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Prunus virginianaChokecherry3' 2yrn$2.20
Prunus virginiana "Schubert"Schubert Chokecherry12-18" CGn$1.50
Prunus virginiana "Schubert"Schubert Chokecherry2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Prunus virginiana "Schubert"Schubert Chokecherry3' 2yrn$2.30
Quercus macrocarpaBur Oak12-18" CGn$1.50
Quercus macrocarpaBur Oak2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Quercus macrocarpaBur Oak3' 3yrn$2.20
Quercus mongolicaMongolian Oak12-18" cgtri$1.80
Quercus mongolicaMongolian Oak2-3' tr 2yri$2.20
Quercus rubraNorthern Red Oak12-18" CGn$1.50
Quercus rubraNorthern Red Oak2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Quercus rubraNorthern Red Oak3' 2yrn$2.20
Rhus aromaticaFragrant Sumac12-18" CGn$1.50
Rhus aromaticaFragrant Sumac2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Rhus glabraSmooth Sumac12-18" CGn$1.50
Rhus glabraSmooth Sumac2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Rhus trilobataSkunkbush12-18" CGn$1.50
Rhus typhianaStaghorn Sumac12-18" CGn$1.50
Rhus typhianaStaghorn Sumac2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Rhus typhianaStaghorn Sumac3' 2yrn$2.20
Ribes americanumBlack Currant12-18" CGn$1.50
Ribes americanumBlack Currant2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Ribes odoratumGolden (Clove) Currant12-18" CGn$1.50
Ribes odoratumGolden (Clove) Currant2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Robinia pseudoacaciaBlack Locust12-18" CGn$1.50
Robinia pseudoacaciaBlack Locust2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Robinia pseudoacaciaBlack Locust3' 2yrn$2.20
Rosa arkansanaPrairie Rose12-18" CG   n$1.50
Rosa sp Hansens selectHansen Hedge Rose12-18" CGn$1.50
Rosa sp Hansens selectHansen Hedge Rose2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Rosa woodsiiWoods Rose12-18" CGn$1.50
Rosa woodsiiWoods Rose2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Salix acutifolaSharpleaf Willow12-18" CGi$1.50
Salix albaWhite Willow12-18" CGi$1.50
Salix alba VitellinaGolden Willow12-18" CGi$1.50
Salix exiguaSandbar Willow12-18" CGn$1.50
Salix exiguaSandbar Willow2-3' c+1n$1.80
Salix exiguaSandbar Willow3-4' c+1n$2.20
Salix pendantraLauel Leaf Willow12-18" CGi$1.50
Salix pentaphyllum PCPrairie Cascade Willow12-18" CGi$1.50
Sambucus canadensisAmerican Elderberry12-18" CGn$1.50
Sambucus canadensisAmerican Elderberry2-3' 1yrn$1.80
Sambucus canadensisAmerican Elderberry3' 2yrn$2.20
Shepherdia argentaBuffaloberry12-18" CGn$1.50
Shepherdia argentaBuffaloberry12-18" cgtrn$1.80
Shepherdia argentaBuffaloberry2-3 2yrn$1.80
Shepherdia argentaBuffaloberry3' 2yrn$2.20
Syringa villosa "legacy"Legacy Lilac12-18" CGi$1.50
Syringa villosa "legacy"Legacy Lilac12-18" cgtri$1.80
Syringa villosa "legacy"Legacy Lilac2-3' 2yri$1.80
Syringa villosa "legacy"Legacy Lilac2-3' 3yr tri$2.40
Syringa villosa "legacy"Legacy Lilac3' 2yri$2.20
Syringa vulgarisCommon Lilac12-18" CGi$1.50
Syringa vulgarisCommon Lilac12-18" cgtri$1.80
Syringa vulgarisCommon Lilac2-3' 2yri$1.80
Syringa vulgarisCommon Lilac2-3' 3yr tri$2.40
Syringa vulgarisCommon Lilac3' 2yri$2.20
Syringa vulgarisCommon Lilac3' 3yr tri$2.20
Tilia americanaAmerican Linden(Basswd)12-18" CGn$1.50
Tilia americanaAmerican Linden(Basswd)2-3' 2yrn$1.80
Tilia americanaAmerican Linden(Basswd)3' 2yrn$2.40
Tilia cordataLittle Leaf Linden12-18" CGi$1.50
Tilia cordataLittle Leaf Linden2-3' 2yri$1.80
Tilia x FlavescenceGlenleven Linden12-18" CGi$1.50
Tilia x FlavescenceGlenleven Linden2-3' 2yri$1.80
Ulmus pumilaSiberian Elm12-18" CGi$1.50
Ulmus pumilaSiberian Elm2-3' c+1yri$1.80
Ulmus pumilaSiberian Elm3' c+1yri$2.20
Viburnum trilobumAmerican Cranberry Bush12-18" CGn$1.50
Vitis ripariaWild River Grape12-18" CGn$1.50
Yucca glaucaYucca (Adams Needle)12-18" CGn$1.50


In addition to this listing we access a great deal of other nursery stock from other growers. This list only represents the material from TWO growers. I may be able to find what you are looking for.

Shipping, packing and handling add 20% to total sales price. Minimum Packing, boxing and shipping and Freight charge $70 per shipment. Shipping only on Mondays and Tuesdays via UPS or Truck. Visa / MC taken. 

Prices are FOB nursery as noted next to the Zone notations.  Shipments begin in Mid March and end Early June. Plants are shipped in unbroken bundles only. Seedlings sized 18” or less ship 50 per bundle, 24” and larger 25 per bundle. 4’ or larger 10 per bundle.  

There is a minimum order but the minimum charge for shipping is always in force and is the self-limiting factor for minimum shipments.  No bare root is stocked in Illinois. 

Plants are available earlier if they are in storage from North Dakota but primary time to ship is March and April. Fall digging on specific plants available. 

Partial listing of the descriptive nomenclature used in this catalog.

CG – Conservation Grade, can be a seedling from 12-24” Not graded hard. Good buy sometimes.

S or SDLG - Seedling - Grown from Seed
 2yr/3yr etc – These plants are in the bed for 2 years or more.
 BR Brnch etc –these mean the plant has branches, not just a stick.  

Tr, trspt Transplant etc – This plant was grown and then moved on spacing to a bed. Heavier plant.

Whip – Not much branching

Lt Brnch or Lt Br – Light Branching. A few not well developed Branches.

C or Cut or Cutting – C1 for instance means a plant planted as a cutting and left in the bed one year

Plant Guarantee – Plants are guaranteed to be alive when you get them. If you receive plants and they do not survive when you plant them there is no guarantee. We try to make sure that we have done all we can to ship good plants. IF there is a problem we must know within a month of delivery. We must be advised of any claim. Once the plants have been planted and leaf out they are no longer guaranteed. We are a wholesale nursery dealing with wholesale professionals who understand these things.  

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Live Stake Availability
In many conservation plantings,instead of bare root, In many conservation plantings they use live stakes instead of bare root, These are stakes that root easily, inserted into the ground to hold riverbanks and wetlands.    Here is a useful article on this procedure 

Button Bush                      Cephalanthus occidentalis
Silky Dogwood                  Cornus amomum 
Red Twig Dogwood          Cornus stolonifera
Ninebark                            Physocarpos opulifolius
American Sycamore         Plantanus occidentalis 
Cottonwood                       Populus deltoids
Elderberry                         Sambucus canadensis  
Sandbar, Black Willow, 
Pussy Willow, Peachleaf Willow, 
Bebbs Willow, Streamco (purpurea)

Live stakes (1/2 - 1” caliper)

50-299 300+
2’ $1.25 $1.10

3’ $1.80 $1.60

4’ $2.25 $2.10

Call for Quote if Uncertain

Price PER species

Pricing, availability, bundle size and other information for ordering below:
PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  We sell wholesale only.  MINIMUM ORDER is $500 including shipping.  Or a surcharge of $150 will apply.